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2014 Athletes’ Night

March 28,2014

The afternoon of March 13, 2014 saw the gathering of all our Scion athletes to celebrate and honor the triumphs and success of St. Scholastica’s College in the field of sports for Academic Year 2013 – 2014.  Traditionally dubbed as ‘The Athlete’s Night’, the event, hosted this year by Ms. Yasmin Fides R. Nuguid and Samantha Eala, gave out awards to 37 athletes and six mentors from the three sports divisions. 

The Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Sports Coordinator for the College Unit, Professor Ellen Catherine A. Carbon, set the tone for the afternoon’s affair through her words of welcome, highlighting the importance of celebrating not only victories but appreciating the lessons of the various challenges that come with being an athlete. 

One important highlight of the event was the presentation of the trophies and medals won by the different varsity and employees team, which were earned during the 2013-2014 sports season, to our school president, Sr. Mary Thomas Prado, OSB.  This has been a beloved tradition of the different teams to express their pride and their gratitude for the support and inspiration offered by the whole Scholastican community.

This year’s recipients for the Scions of the Year Award were Samantha Bustria for Gymnastics, the High School Volleyball team and Celina Angela Felix of the College Taekwondo team.  This award is given to a Scion (individual or team) who exhibited exemplary performance in their respective events.  The Rookie of the Year Award was given to Jannah Marie B. Acuba (GS) for Volleyball, Patricia Hualde (HS) for Taekwondo and Francheska Albiola (College) for Swimming. 

Top sports mentors/coaches were recognized for their exceptional commitment in honing the skills and talents of the Scion athletes under their care.  The Scion Coach of the Year Award was presented to Virginia Coronel and Ofelia Paril for volleyball, Matthew Alonzo for cheerleading and Alvin Taraya for taekwondo.

Loyalty medals were given to both students and mentors who faithfully served the Scions for four years and five years respectively.  A special citation was given to Professor Elizabeth Regina F. Castillo for her valuable contribution in the conceptualization and creative execution of a revitalized Scions image and identity through her visual campaigns.

As an intermission number, the PEP Squad showcased their talents by presenting an exhibition of their competition routines to the appreciative crowd.

The event ended with the closing address of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor Virginia R. Fornias.

A simple reception followed after the event to further foster camaraderie and fellowship among the attendees.         

By: Ms. Ellen Carbon
Associate Dean of Student Affairs Office