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Year-end Honors


IMG_70391. All students who have no failing grade in any subject, in any quarter

2. All students who have an average grade of at least 80% in all subjects

3. All students who have an average conduct grade of at least GOOD (85-89) in any of the four (4) quarters

4. Must be a member of at least one (1) organization


1. Has studied in NSS-SSC for at least three (3) years

2. Had been a year-end honor student in her 4th year in NSS, SSC

3. Has been   an honor student in the 5th year.

Honor Standings:

     FIRST HONOR               95 – 99

     SECOND HONOR         90 – 94.9

     THIRD HONOR              85 – 89.9

     WITH DISTINCTION        80 – 84.9