2560 Leon Guinto Street

Singalong, Malate, Manila




Women and Ecology Wholeness Farm Mendez Cavite

IWS 12

In 1997 the Institute undertook to rehabilitate and develop a 1.2 hectare fruit and coffee orchard in Mendez, Cavite, 70km south of Manila, that has been left idle for 20 years.  The farm now serves as a “laboratory” for illustrating the principles imparted in the training and demonstrating a possible alternative lifestyle that is environment-friendly and sustainable.Other highlights of the farm include a mushroom house and butterfly sanctuary.

The Women and Ecology Wholeness Farm, or Ecofarm demonstrates an alternative lifestyle that is environment friendly, junk-free and sustainable.  It practices organic, bio-diverse farming, and biogas based waste management.

There are two (2) seminar-houses that can accommodate 50 people and includes a secretariat room, a spacious conference/plenary hall, a kitchen and refectory.  Hermitage rooms for those seeking to work or reflect in silence.  There is also a Zen sitting room and prayer/meditation lofts. 

Farming is organic, with the use of compost derived from the farm’s own waste, as well as those of nearby households which have been enrolled into the cause of a sustainable, environment-friendly waste management.