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The Scholastican Award

IMG_3386The Scholastican Award is given to the graduating student who has shown the qualities of a true Scholastican ideal of excellence and service through prayer and work. It considers the student’s academics, habits and attitudes, and involvement in extra-curricular activities.

Since the total scheme of elementary education in St. Scholastican’s Grade School and the approach to instruction it has adapted, i.e., SGPIIP, aim at the total development of the child, the Scholastican Award covers her growth and development in the following areas:

Growth in Habits and Attitudes     
Involvement in Extra-Curricular Activities  

To qualify for the award, the student should meet the following:


1. A cut-off grade of 85% in the Final Rating per subject. The student must meet cut-off points with a minimum level grade of 80% in all areas/levels accomplished in all academic and performing arts subjects.

2. The required cut-off in Grade 6 ABSAT.

Growth in Habits and Attitudes

The student must show consistent outstanding growth in habits and attitudes with a minimum average of 4.0 points per term.

Involvement in Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activies

The student must be a member of at least one club other than the Munting Barangay/Young Mentors’ Club.The student must show outstanding involvement in co-and extra-curricular activities with a minimum average of 2.7 points per term.


The student should have studied in SSC for at least two (2) years and should not have repeated any grade level.  After meeting the criteria given, the awardees will be ranked according to general average.

1 95% and above Gold
2 91 – 94.9% Siver
3 88 – 90.9% Bronze

 Students who are able to meet the criteria in academics but who, for valid reasons could not meet the other criteria, may graduate with distinction.