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The Recent Years

The dynamic guidance and counseling programs and services continuously improved on to respond to the constantly-changing and challenging needs of the Scholasticans and some special populations in the school. 

The institutionalized services such as individual inventory, information service, homeroom guidance, routine interviews, testing, research and evaluation were consistently promoted and implemented in the three units of the grade school, high school and college.

In addition to the above were some special need-based programs as follows:

   Guidance Orientations
   Euthenics I & II
   Programs for Children of Solo Parents
   Enhancing Self-Understanding
   Career Exploration for College
   Career Planning for HS Students
   Anti-Bullying Programs
   Girl to Girl Affiliations
   Time Management: Strategy for Academic Success
   Developing Effective Study Habits for High School Students
   Managing Shyness
   Dealing with Peer Group Pressures
   Stress Management
   Leadership Training
   Adolescent Sexuality