2560 Leon Guinto Street

Singalong, Malate, Manila




The Outreach Program

The Outreach Program aims to uplift the quality of life of the members of its partner communities.  Different programs/ activities like values formation, livelihood, ecology and environment, health and education are extended to the partner communities.

Relief/Tawid-Gutom Bags

Among the services offered by SAC are relief and tawid-gutom bags.  Relief services are coordinated with institutions and NGO’s (Non – Government Organizations) like Citizen’ Disaster Response Center (CDRC), Socio Pastoral Apostolate (SPA), Rural Missionaries of the Philippines (RMP), People’s Organizations (POs).  On the other hand, tawid-gutom bags are given to individuals who knock at the door of SSC or what is called walk–in poor.

Extension Communities     

ISAC ventures into partnership with Non-government Organizations (NGOs), People’s Organizations (POs), Church-based and parish-based organizations and apostolates.  They serve as extension communities for the services or the different units – Grade school, High School and College.  Exposure/Immersion, skills training (health, women orientation, ecology, leadership, theater arts, etc), tutorials, spiritual formations e.g catechism and values formation, organizing such as consultancy services to people’s organizations and medical missions are among the services offered by the outreach program.