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The Birth of Sr. Liguori Life Management and Wellness Center

Guidance-Main_06In May 2006, the Guidance Department was again centralized.

A strategic planning of the guidance personnel, under the leadership of a newly-appointed Officer-in-Charge, Ms. Corazon D. Huvalla, was conducted to revisit its mission-vision in the light of the changing times and the growing needs of the new Scholasticans.

Coming together again, the guidance counselors and staff of the three units of the grade school, high school and college, brainstormed on updating its mission-vision- values to give birth to a new guidance team and target improved services and programs. 

Thus, the guidance department was renamed Sr. Liguori Life Management & Wellness Center, to give honor to the founder, Sr. M. Liguori del Rosario, OSB and to promote holistic life management and wellness approaches.

The counselors/life coaches believe that life is a gift from God, a journey with a mission.  Every person will have to manage this life in the different developmental stages, with an aim for wellness, fullness, balance, integration and life-long learning.

Whereas in the past, the focus was on helping the students with problems and conducting more interventions to those in crises, having personal difficulties, stresses, academic failures etc., today, the attention to the same group and other population continue with the use of positive psychology and holistic healing approaches.

The guidance programs and services aim for prevention of crises and promotion of health, integration and wellness of human beings.

 Wellness is viewed as an integrated method of functioning, oriented towards maximizing the potential of our students and clientele.

With these in mind, the guidance counselors/life coaches facilitate that Scholastican students become empowered and involved in their own well being.

Health promotion consists of approaches that encourage physical, mental, social, economic and general wellness.  It combines objectives of all of our guidance programs and services which have to do with communicating information, educating and conducting counseling intervention with the goals of reinforcing management of academic pursuit, positive healthy lifestyles and personal accountability for their holistic growth and development.

Therefore, all conscious efforts, through the various guidance and counseling services and programs lead and support attainment of the above for themselves and their clientele.

Exit competencies of students who have successfully undergone guidance services and programs have been identified and consciously targeted in all guidance programs and services.

The students manifest or demonstrate the following traits, characteristics, values, etc. in different degrees according to their developmental stages

Exit Competencies


Become Self Aware

  • Recognized their strengths, weaknesses and    potentials.
  • Maximized use of their strengths and     potentials and improved on or worked on     her/his weaknesses

Become Self – Confident

  • Capable of self-expression for effective intra     and interpersonal relations

Become Adjusted to School Life

  • Properly managed her/his school / academic requirements towards successful pursuit of her / his program of study
  • Developed healthy and meaningful relationships 

Become Independent & Empowered

  • Manifested independent thinking leading to  their personal well-being and guided by social  responsibility
  • Have become decisive and responsible in their  career choices / life choices

Become Self-Integrated

  • Transformed to become socially responsible women / men of character, imbued with Benedictine values
  • Managed integrated and well-balanced lives

The Scholastican graduates are envisioned to be self-aware, self-confident, adjusted to school life, independent and empowered so that they may become whole and self-integrated.  All of the guidance programs and services are designed and implemented with the goals of attaining these qualities, drawn up based on the institution’s mission / vision.