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TANAUAN II Elementary School, Tanauan, Leyte

St. Scholastica’s College’s tradition of reaching out to the poor in the country became truly palpable in the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda.  The idea to adopt a school damaged by the super typhoon started to unfold when Srs. Vida, Noella,  Celine and Judith went to visit and bring housing materials to our employees whose houses in Leyte and Samar were devastated.  In a  chance meeting  with Fr. Ronnel Tabuzo at the Divine Word Hospital,  Sr. Celine  learned of the terrible situation of St. Vincent Parish, in Tanauan town, one of the four most devastated municipalities in Leyte.  Fr. Tabuzo  recounted how the four schools located in his parish  were all badly damaged.  The idea of Sr. Mary Thomas to adopt a public school was told to Fr. Ronnel and he warmly welcomed it.  

On  January 19-21, 2014, Sr. Mary Thomas, SSC President, Sr. Regina, the GS Principal, Dean  Rebecca Marquez of the Student Affairs, and Prof. Aurora Lumibao of the MassCom Department visited Tanauan II Elementary School. They had a talk with Mrs. Elena Latoza ,  Principal II who shared about their needs, namely: debriefing of the teachers and pupils, uniforms of teachers and pupils and school supplies to last until the end of SY 2013 – 2014.  On the other hand, the SSC Team saw the need for the urgent repair of teaching aids and learning facilities like the blackboards, dividers for classrooms, tables for teachers; books, and other teaching aids.  Thus YAKAP-ESKWELA was born. 

Intended to be a consortium project of the Consortium of Benedictine Colleges in Manila (CBCM), this was enthusiastically accepted in the meeting of SSC, San Beda Mendiola and Alabang. San Beda Taytay joined in the succeeding meetings.  All the schools now are preparing materials to meet the expressed needs of the adopted school, so that by the time of the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement on March 28, 2014, these items could be our initial and concrete form of embracing the school in our hearts, a YAKAP-ESKWELA indeed!