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Suspension of Classes

To thwart any ill motive of criminals towards our community, the Safety and Security Committee is implementing measures to ensure the safety and security of the Scholastican Community, These criminals can come in the guise of parents, bus drivers, volunteers and guests in order to gain access to our grounds and facilities, especially during emergencies and “non-regular days” – as when classes are suspended when students are already in school.

When there are heavy rains, floods, or typhoons early in the morning…

1. Listen to radio statioons DZMM, DZBB, DZRH for announcements.

2. Dial telephone number: 567 – 7686 and listen to the auto attendant advisory.

3. Wait for advisories over television channels.

When classes are suspended and everybody is in campus…

1. Wait for an official announcement from the President’s Office.

2. Dismissal time of Units / Offices will be staggered. A 30-minute interval between groups will help to avoid crowding at the exits.

3. Grade School students will be dismissed first under the supervision of their Class Advisers / Subject Teachers. The students will be advised to proceed to their exit gates once they are released.

4. High School students will be released after 30-minute interval with the Grade School.

5. Bus Operators, drivers, or bus mothers will be allowed to enter the campus to pick up their respective bus riders in the bus stations assigned to them. They should request the Gate Guard to page their riders through the telephone lines of each unit.

6. For security reasons, parents, yayas or anyone else arriving to pick up students in gates 1, 6, and 7 will not be allowed to enter. The student will be paged through the two-way communication system of every unit after the Guard on duty at the gates has given the names to designated authorities per unit via telephone.

7. All those who are classified as “commuters” may be released at once as soon as dismissal time is announced.

8. When only a few students remain at the gates, the Class Advisers or Subject Teachers may bring them to the assigned “common” rooms per Unit: for Grade School – 101 and 102 near Gate 6; for High School – 101 to 103 near the School Clinic; for College – the Social Hall. Each unit must assign 2-3 Faculty members to supervise / assist the remaining students.