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Singalong, Malate, Manila




Subjects Offered

Introduction, orientation, requirements, grading system

– Why Women’s Studies in SSC?
– What I like/dislike in being a woman?
– What topics do I want tackled in this course?

The Woman Question

– What is Sex? What is Gender? 
– Historical Origins of Gender Inequality
– What is Patriarchy?

Women’s Health

– Reproductive Cycle
– Family Planning

Social Construction of Gender

– Family
– School
– History
-Mass Media
– Religion

Situation of Women in the Philippines

– Sectoral Issues of Women

Gender Specific Issues of Women

-Violence Against Women
– Family Violence
– Sexual Harassment
– Sexual Assault


– Prostitution
– Mail Order Wives
– Pornography

Feminist Theories

Women’s Movement

– Suffrage Movement
– Equal Rights
– Human Rights
– Women/Gender and Development

Women’s Spirituality

– Agenda for Renewal and Transformation