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Student Council

The student Council Organization is the high school students’ governing body, with its officers duly elected by the student body every year.


IMG_5250The student Council Organization (SCO) aims to:

1. Facilitate communication between students and the administration, faculty, fellow students and the rest of the Scholastican community;

2. Recognize and uphold the students’ rights and welfare;

3. Undertake student activities and projects which promote the realization of the HS Unit objectives

4. Encourage maximum student participation and involvement in these activities; and

5. Promote the spirit of camaraderie, community and harmony within and outside of SSC.


Every student enrolled in the High School Unit automatically becomes a member of the SCO and shall enjoy all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto. She has the duty to fulfill the functions of an SCO member.

The student council officers are composed of the Student Council Core members, Class officers and Club officers. They are elected by the students annually.

The Student Council Organization Core

Is the administrative, implementing and coordinating body of the SCO. It is composed of the:

The Student Council Organization Core


Vice- President



Outreach Coordinating Chairperson

Club Coordinating Chairperson

Batch Representatives (Yrs. I-IV)

General Functions of the SCO Core

• Together with high school administration plan, and implement a formation/ development program for student leaders as well as co- curricular and extra- curricular activities which will enrich the students’ social awareness, interpersonal skills and spiritual being;

• Establish a link between the administration, faculty, parents and students by representing the students body in the decision –making of the school through the Expanded Administrative Council and by disseminating vital information on matters which affect the school community, especially the high school students;

• Promote and protect students’ rights and welfare;

• Implement rules and regulations stipulated in the student’s Handbook;

• Help maintain discipline during departmental and institutional activities;

• Initiate activities for better community growth;

• Promote awareness of social issues, and commitment to, involvement in and solidarity with communities within and beyond SSC; and

• Act as official student representatives of the HS Unit in institutional, Association of Benedictine Schools or non-SSC functions.

Class and Club Officers

The Class officers are elected annually through the Homeroom program and take charge of class affairs. The Club officers, meanwhile, are also elected annually through the Student Activities Program and take charge of club affairs. 

Class and Club Officers

Class/Club President

Class/Club Vice-President

Class/Club Secretary

Class/Club Treasurer

Class/Club Outreach Student Representative

Other Positions


All must demonstrate:

• Respect for human dignity, Christian concern for and sincere service to others in the community.

• Appreciation of their Filipino heritage.

• Good academic standing

     – No grade lower than 77 in any quarter

     – Must have no average grade below 80 in any subject

• Respect and compliance of school policies, rules and regulations

     – Must have a conduct average of at least G with no NI in any quarter

     – Did not commit any serious offense or major offense in the school

     year immediately preceding the nominations

• Leadership qualities.

• Positive interpersonal skills