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Student Council

 Every school year, the students elect their class leaders-officers. The following are the leaders/officers of the class:

Kinder – Grade 3


Class Leaders
Assistant Class Leader
Class representative

Grades 4 – 6

Class President
Class Representative

GSAVC_1332The GS Student Council is officially known as the Munting Barangay. It is the governing body of the GS and is an extension of the Social Studies class. It develops the students’ leadership skills as it gives potential leaders the actual experience of governance and democracy in the school.

All the other clubs aim to help develop the total person. They all provide opportunities for the members to develop, improve and/or discover their innate talents and potentials. There are about forty five (45) clubs in the GS falling under the religious, service, academic, performing arts and sports clubs. This means that, there is a club for every kind of child.


The Munting Barangay (MB) is the governing body of the SSC Grade School Association. The officials initiate projects or activities that will be of interest to the members. They shall promulgate, adopt and prescribe rules and regulations which are sanctioned by the school. Munting Barangay officials represent the Grade School in institutional functions or meetings. They must set good examples.


The Officials

The Upper House

The Presidents and Class Representatives of Grades 4-6 automatically become members of the Munting Barangay Upper House.

The Lower House

The Class Leaders, Assistant Leaders and Class Representatives of Kinder to Grade 3 automatically become the members of the Munting Barangay Lower House.

Class Officers

Class President/Class Leader


The Class President/Class Leader is responsible for the management of the whole class and assists the teacher in supervision during assemblies and other activities.

Vice-President/Assistant Class Leader

The Vice-President/Assistant Class Leader works hand in hand with the President/Class Leader.

She assumes duties of the President/Class Leader in the latter’s absence and informs the Head Teacher if the teacher has not arrived in class 10 (ten) minutes after the time.  


The Secretary keeps a record of the attendance in class, assemblies and other activities; monitors; birthday celebrants; and students who go to the clinic, guidance, etc.

Also, she writes on the blackboard the attendance for the day, monitors for the week as well as other reminders. She collects reply slips, arranges them alphabetically, and submits them to the  Class Adviser.


The treasurer assists in the collection of fees and other dues agreed upon by the class, acts as the time keeper of the class and surrenders lost and found articles to her class adviser or to the office. She also keeps the activity sheets and circulars for the absentee/s.

Public Relation Officers (PRO)

The PRO informs the class of meetings, assemblies and other school activities, and acts as liaison between her class and the rest of the Grade School community. She checks that her classmates are in complete uniform and writes important announcements on the board.


The Sergeant-at-Arms act as property custodians of the class and are responsible for the peace and order in the class. They ensures that monitors perform their assigned tasks.

Class Representative


The Class Representative officially represents the class in major functions.


The elected officers for the different clubs assist the moderators in carrying out the objectives and activities of the club.