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Student Activity Program

IMG_0274In line with its objective of providing a holistic education for its students, the High School Unit has an extensive program of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Student organizations/clubs have been set up along social, cultural, spiritual formation, communication/literary arts, athletics, educational and recreational lines to encourage students to pursue both personal and community interests.

General Objectives

The Student Activity Program aims to:

1. Complement and enrich the academic program

2. Provide venues for further development of the students:

a. special talents, creative and technical skills and interests

b. sense of service and social responsibility, through training programs and activities which promote sharing and interaction with others, social awareness and commitment to social transformation

c.  leadership qualities

3.  Further promote the realization of the thrust, vision and mission of St. Scholastica’s College

Classification of Student Activities

I. Co-curricular Activities

a. Training and activity programs which directly enrich and complement the different subject area offerings/academic program

b. Undertaken by the different student organizations

II. Extra-curricular activities

a. Activities which are not directly linked to the academic curriculum but are essential to the students’ holistic development (e.g. High School Production, concerts, school fair)

b. Initiated and implemented by the Student Council Organization and the Office of the Student Activities and Services

III.  Outreach-related Activities

Projects of the Tanggapan ng Kalinga in collaboration with the other offices (SCO, HSFA, HSPA)

IV.  Institutional Activities

a. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities initiated or sponsored by the Committee on Institutional Activities

b. Involve all units/sectors of the SSC Community