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Student Activity Program

Grade School Student Activity Program

The Grade School Student Activity Program consists of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. These activities are under the general supervision and coordination of the Student Activity Coordinator.

General Objectives

GSAVC_3202The Student Activity Program aims:

1. To supplement and enrich classroom activities.

2. To provide chances and opportunities to develop to the fullest students’ unique gifts and talents.

3. To reinforce elements of judgment, decision-making, critical thinking found in the instructional program.

4. To develop leadership, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and the desire to be of service of others.

I. Co-curricular Activities 

are those still within the scope of the regular curriculum, but are held outside the classroom. These activities are under the supervision of the subject area coordinator or her designated representative. These activities are held within class hours, usually involving either a whole grade level or several grade levels at a time.

1. Morning Praise
2. Holy Masses
3. Confession
4. First Holy Communion 
5. Recollection 
6. Midday Prayer 
7. Grade Level Assemblies
8. Election of Class Officers
9. Community Day
10. Buwan ng Wika
11. Environment Week
12. Peace Week
13. Mission Drive
14. Rosary Month

15. DEAR Time
16. Feast Day
17. Outreach Activity
18. Book Week
19. Math and Science Week
20. Lenten Rites
21. Christmas Sharing
22. Peace Camp
23. Misa de Gallo / Misa ng Bayan
24. Contests
25. Exhibits
26. Intramurals
27. Play Productions (DTIE)

28. Viewing of Movies, Slides and Filmstrips
29. Exposure Trips
30. Symposia, Convocation
31. Cultural Trips
32. Search for the Pilipino 
33. Social Awareness Activities – e.g. Watching the President’s SONA, and other relevant issues at hand.

II. Extra-curricular activities

IMG_0520serve as enrichment to the regular academic curriculum. These activities are generally held after class hours and each activity is under the guidance and supervision of the activity moderator.