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Student Activities

Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities

Students are free to join rallies and mobilization activities as part of their political rights. Classes are not suspended during rallies. Students are responsible for the classes they miss and for their own personal safety. The school is not liable for any untoward incident/s that may occur related to this matter. Students are encouraged to attend and participate in liturgical and para-liturgical services sponsored by the College.  These are: Masses (i.e. St. Benedict’s and St. Scholastica’s Feast Days, Christmas, Community Day, etc.) Advent and Lenten celebrations and turnover rites. 

Convocation Requirements 

      1. Convocations are assemblies, usually institutional events sponsored by the administration. These activities enhance the Benedictine culture and tradition of the school. Attendance at these activities is required for each semester.
      2. Convocation cards (CONVO CARDS) are obtained from the Student Affairs Office.  At the end of the semester, the card is presented to the SAO for clearance purposes.
      3. Convocation activities are FREE OF CHARGE.
      4. Students are required to attend five (5) convocations per semester.s.
      5. The convocation activities are announced by the Students Affairs Office through notices posted on the SAO Board and other bulletin board

Examples of convocation activities are:

      • Orientation and Re-orientation Programs
      • Opening Mass for the School Year
      • Community Day Celebration
      • Opening and Closing Rites of Intramurals
      • Dialogue between Students, Faculty and Administration Officials – on a per school/institute basis
      • “Miting de Avance”  for Student Council Election
      • Christmas Program/Peace Camp
      • Institutional Mass/Morning Prayer
Note that students are automatically excused from classes to attend Admi-sponsored Convocations.