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The Guidance Office works as a team with the administrators, teachers and school staff in providing the students with assistance in their personal, social and academic concerns through the following guidance services.

Routine Interview

Individual Inventory

Students are called to the Guidance Office once a year by their level counselor. Guidance call slips are sent to the respective students with the help of the Guidance Secretary.

A form to be filled out by parents is submitted to the guidance office to aid in understanding the students better.

Individual and Group Counseling

Counseling and Therapy sessions

Conducted as needed or recommended

An intervention program for children who need care, attention and time to address specific concerns.

Classroom Guidance Sessions

Testing and Interpretation of results

Classroom activities on personal, social and academic skills building conducted thrice in a year

Intelligence and Achievement tests are administered in accordance with the Grade School yearly academic calendar. Tests are interpreted to either the parents or students by the Grade Level Counselors assigned upon request. Personality tests are also administered whenever there is a need to.

Seminars, talks and small group discussions

Parent-Teacher-Counselor Conferences

Given to students, parents and teachers as enrichment programs.

Conducted as needed to better understand and help the students in their specific concerns.

Research and Evaluation