2560 Leon Guinto Street

Singalong, Malate, Manila





The office caters the following services

• Develops and implements a systematic preventive maintenance program and replacement plan for equipment and facilities.

• Reservation of different venues and facilities.

• Reserve of school vehicles.

• Assists the different units in their small and big events.

• Work with affiliate working committees to ensure a clean, safe secure and ecologically-friendly working and learning environment. 

Housekeeping Services

• Routine Cleaning

• Period Cleaning

• Non-Cleaning activities

     – Opening and locking of classrooms,
       offices, and all other function rooms

     – Turning on/off of all aircon units,
       lights, faucets, etc.

     – Moving services

     – Event set-up

     – Pest control

Repairs and Maintenance Services

• Carpentry

• Electrical

• Painting

• Plumbing

• Refrigeration and Aircon units

• Tinsmith


Construction Management


Special Services

• Special Facilities – (St. Cecilia’s Hall, Cory Aquino Hall, St. Cecilia’s HallFunction Hall A & B, Sr. Assumpta Filser Sports Center, Dance Hall, Sr. Kuniberta Hall, Sr. Caridad Barrion Hall, Sr. Ehrentrudis Hall, Subiaco-Swimming Pool)

• Audio Visual Technical Aide

• Riso/Xerox Operator

• Laboratory Assistant/Aide

• Office Aide

• Laboratory Assistant/ Aide

• Office Aide

• Canteen Staff

• Driver

• Gardener