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Safety & Security Commitee

The Safety and Security Committee is the brain of the safety and security of the community. They are responsible for the formulation of campus safety and security policies, guidelines, rules and regulations, and its revision in coordination with the different units / office / sectors of the school. 

The Emergency Management Team (EMT)

The Emergency Management Team (EMT) of St. Scholastica’s College is headed by the School President. The VP for Academic Affairs, the VP for Administrative Affairs, the VP for Finance, the Administrative & General Services Office Manager, the Dean of College, Grade School and High School Principals, and the Safety and Security Officer as members. The team will be immediately activated during the occurrence of any disaster and in emergencies that need immediate action, evacuation and support. This team is responsible for the decision-making during disasters and emergencies and for all actions / operations to be undertaken by the Emergency Response Team (ERT), which will be the first respondent in the campus on matters concerning firefighting, bomb attack, calamities or any form of crisis in the community.

The Emergency Response Team (ERT)

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) will be immediately organized and activated through the direction of the Emergency Management Team (EMT) during the occurrence of any disaster, emergency, or crisis needing full-scale emergency response, support, and assistance. The ERT is composed of the following: the Safety and Security Officer, who is also the Emergency Manager; the Assistant Emergency Manager; the Evacuation Team per Unit; the Fire Fighting Team (Security Personnel); Searchers/Sweepers from the GSP and the Security Team; the First Aid team from the Clinic; and the Technical-Engineering Team. The ERT is responsible for the training of its members to ensure that they are knowledgeable in all aspects of disaster response and management.