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S.O.P for Student Activities and Use of Facilities

1. All student organizations are encouraged to pursue activities that would help realize their objectives. As part of the democratic process espoused by the school, the students are free to conceptualize, initiate and implement activities so long as these uphold the thrust and values of SSC and enrich their learning experiences.

IMG_40622. Clubs are required to submit formal project proposals for all major activities. These must outline the rationale, objectives and logistics of proposed activity.

3. All student activities are subject to the approval first of the moderator and then the administration.

4. A quarterly and year-end evaluation of these activities must be conducted to ensure that these are effective, relevant and in keeping with the programs of the school.

5. Club officers/moderator should file activity sheets at least one week before the activity’s scheduled implementation. These activity sheets must be signed by the moderator, CSAS and Principal.

6. Members/Officers must observe the given guidelines when reserving/using school facilities 

7. When the club activity will involve/include other sectors/areas and or outsiders, proper consultation, information and coordination with all concerned should be undertaken.

8. Organization officers must first inform and discuss with their moderator and school administrators any contract they intend to enter into with any company or outside groups with regard to various projects. These would include contracts for sponsorships, contracts with production outfits and talents, etc. the contracts have to be reviewed by the school counsel before final approval.

MAINSTAY - Lords and Ladies with Cast A Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare9. The CSAS shall designate a permanent room assignment for the club during Club Hour. At this time, the club will be held responsible for the order and care of the room they occupy. At all other times, room reservations should be filed with the Principal’s Office at least three days before club activity.

10. Each student organization is assigned a club board. This may be used only for OFFICIAL notices. All materials to be posted must have the signature of the CSAS and the moderator.

11. Clubs are expected to comply with 5-S Guidelines on order and cleanliness of rooms and club boards.

12. All the reservation and requisition forms must have necessary signatures (moderator, Unit Head, etc.)

13. Except for the performing arts clubs and sports teams with regular training hours past the Club Hour, clubs are discouraged from holding activities and meetings after 5:30 PM on weekdays and 12:00 NN on Saturdays. If club activities will extend past three hours, prior approval of the CSAS must first be secured and a letter of information (with reply slip) to the parents of club members should be released. At these times, the moderator id required to be present.