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Singalong, Malate, Manila




Rules & Regulations

CompLab 8

1. Do not bring any type of food and beverage inside the computer laboratories.

2. Refrain from boisterous conversations and laughter.

3. Be sensitive to and considerate of other users waiting for their turn to use the laboratory.

4. Moderate the volume of sounds being played from the PC.

5. Observe cleanliness and orderliness in the laboratories.

6. All items brought in should not be left behind.



CompLab 5

1. Refrain from using applications downloaded from e-mails, internet hyperlinks that require external applications, MS-DOS programs, etc.  If doing this is absolutely necessary, the assistance of the technician on duty must be requested.

2. Do not modify computer unit settings.

3. Remember to shut down the computer unit every after use.

4. Refrain from adding, removing and/or moving folders or files in Windows Explorer without assistance of the technician on duty.

5. Get the assistance of the laboratory technician on duty if there are problems/concerns related to computer use.

6. Scan flash drives that have been used in computers other than those in the school laboratories before they are used in the school’s computers.

7. Practice patience since some processes can take longer than others.  Do not assume that there is something wrong with the PC being used.



1. Avoid running applications found in a remote computer.  Instead, use the PC where the application or data source is found.

2. Copy a file or files locally on a temporary location.  If there is a need to repeatedly view or play multimedia files such as MPG, AVI, MOV, MP3 or any other steaming data.  After viewing, delete the said files.

3. Refrain from conferencing (chatting) or doing work collaboration with a remote terminal



1. Use the internet only for research and academic purposes.

2. Viewing of indecent pictures, graphics, animation and/or video, whether artistic in nature or straightforward pornography is strictly prohibited.

3. Be aware that e-mail messages or writing one’s own WWW document/s can easily be accessible to the public.

4. Be sensitive as to how others might interpret messages sent. Gambling online and in whatever form (i.e., online gaming, network gaming, etc.) are strictly prohibited.

5. Circulation of false or malicious information about the school or any member of the academic community as well as unauthorized use of the school or school official’s name for any purpose through the internet/e-mail is strictly prohibited.

6. Limit subscriptions to mailing lists, newsgroups, discussion groups or USENETs.

7. Do not create and/or forward any computer viruses.

8. Be cautious in opening attached files from email from known/unknown sources.

9. Be cautious in conducting any type of e-commerce.  Only buying, ordering and online banking will be allowed. There will be no selling, distribution or advertising of any product using SSC resources/facilities.