2560 Leon Guinto Street

Singalong, Malate, Manila




Rules & Regulations

HS Library 53Student must be aware first and foremost of the existing Junior High School Library rules and regulations:

• SILENCE must be properly observed at all times.

• Students must always bring with them the school I.D. in order to avail of the use of Junior High School Library’s resources and services.

• Bags and stuffed toys are prohibited inside the Junior High School Library.

• The Junior High School Library has an “open stack collection.”  Binders, fillers, big envelopes and other items are subject to inspection before taking them out.  Books are likewise inspected to make certain that they are properly marked.

HS Library 23• Order is to be maintained by returning the books to the proper shelves; by placing the chair in its proper place and by removing all personal belongings upon leaving.

• Eating, littering, playing and taking a nap are prohibited.

• Students who mutilate or steal Library materials will be subjected to disciplinary action.

• Misbehavior will cause the withdrawal or suspension of Library privileges.  Repeated misbehavior or other serious cases of misconduct will be reported to the Coordinator of Student Formation.