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Retention Policy & Academic Promotions

Retention Policy

SSC requires a student to maintain a CQPA of at least 2.30, with no more than four F’s at any given time to qualify to enroll each semester. A student who gets a CQPA lower than 2.30 is put under academic probation. The probationary period is determined by the Dean who issues a formal letter to the student and which is signed by the parents to confirm their agreement with the conditions set by the school. 

Aside from the College requirement of 2.30 CQPA, every Department requires that a student’s grade in each of the major subjects must be within the cut-off level as determined by the Department. Failure to stay within the cut-off level may put a student on probation or, in extreme cases, may be delisted from the Program. As a rule, a student who has been delisted from a Program could not be re-admitted to the same Program at any given time.

Academic Promotions

 It is the student’s responsibility to ascertain her/his academic standing at the end of each semester. For unconditional promotion to the next year level, a student of any year level must obtain a Cumulative Quality Point Average (CQPA) of at least 2.30, computation must include all courses taken during the semester. The student will be asked to leave the college if s/he does not meet the 2.30 CQPA standard academic requirement or accumulates five (5) F’s, whichever comes first.