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A financial grantee is not allowed any of the following:

a. overloading, dropping, cross-enrolling or summer load (unless required by the course/recommended by the Chair/Registrar)

b. shifting major field of concentration

c. shifting to a totally new course

d. double major

e. tutorial classes

Exceptional cases may be allowed upon the recommendation of the Academic Dean or a Department Chairperson and with the approval of the Scholarships and Grants Committee. The grantee is expected to submit a written request for proper action and documentation. In some cases, the grantee shoulders the additional expenses related to such restriction.

Shifting, dropping/adding a subject, cross-enrollment without approval is valid ground for termination of the financial assistance.

Scholars/grantees are expected to enroll every semester except for valid reasons: health problems as certified by the school physician or serious personal problems which may affect the grantee’s academic performance during the semester/school year.

SSC is under no obligation to grant scholarship or financial assistance to any student or individual.