2560 Leon Guinto Street

Singalong, Malate, Manila




Reminders for Enrollment

1. Modes of Payment may be in full or in installment.

2. Required payment upon enrolment may be paid to:

SSC Business Office

Full Payment:

Cash/Check/Credit Card

Installment Payment:

Cash/Check/Credit Card plus PDCs

Banco de Oro

BDO-Bills Payment:

Full payment only

3. The Business Office will automatically cancel the Official Receipt and the Enrollment of those whose checks were returned/dishonored by the bank.  Replacement for returned/dishonored check shall be in cash, credit card, or manager’s check and shall be paid at the Business Office – Cashier’s Window only.

4. For installment payments, issuance of Post Dated Checks (PDCs) with the fully accomplished PDC Warranty Form is required. 

5. Read the PDC Warranty Form carefully. 

6. Full payment thru BDO on line payments may be viewed by the Business Office only on the next banking day.  Those who choose this manner of payment are advised to remit a day before the scheduled enrolment.

7. Use only Bills Payment Form when paying through any BDO branch.  Do not use ordinary deposit slip.

8. Students with 12 units and below are required to pay in full upon enrollment.

9. Grantees/Scholars may pay their counterpart in full or in installment plus PDCs.

10. Students with outstanding balance will not be allowed to enroll before full settlement of account.

11. One-time payment amounting to $500 will be charged to foreign students on their first year. This may be paid in peso currency applying the prevailing rate advised by the Business Office.