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Procedure for Student Activities

Approval of Activities

All student organizations are encouraged to hold activities to pursue their objectives. These activities, projects, and programs should be approved by SAO.

a. For activities to be held inside the campus, the following procedure shall apply:

a.1 Fill in the required form or make a request to the Dean of Student Affairs to hold the activity. The form should be noted by the Faculty Moderator. For projects and programs, a concept paper is required.

a.2 Secure the reservation form for the use of the campus facilities from the respective offices, and have this approved by the DSA.

a.3 Students who invite guests from outside (i.e., guest speakers, seminar participants, etc.) are required to fill up four (4) copies of the Guest’s Permit available at the SAO at least two days before the activity.  After the approval by the proper offices and request received by the Security Office, the following offices are given a copy of the approved guest permit: Security, SAO, and Information.

b. For activities to be held-off-campus such as field trips, seminars, retreats, the following rules shall apply:

b.1 The faculty adviser or organization representative should secure and complete the information sheet from the SAO (Out-of-Campus Activity Information Sheet)

b.2 All students must secure SAO Form 6 (Parent’s Permit Slip).  This permit slip must be returned to the SAO at least one (1) day before the date of activity.  A student who does not have a permit slip cannot be allowed to join the activity.

b.3  All school rules apply in off-campus school-sanctioned activities.

 In case of activities organized by CLASSES (rather than student organizations), approval must be obtained from the Chairs/Deans, after which the SAO is notified for coordination and issuance of parents’ permits.

Use of Facilities

a. Reservation of the available facilities are with the:

a.1 Special Facilities Office: St. Cecilia’s Hall, St. Ehrentrudis Hall, Sr. Caridad Barrion Hall, Sr. Kuniberta Strathman Hall, Sr. Assumpta Filser Student Center, Dance Hall, Maryville Hall, and SSC field.

a.2 Student Affairs Office: Social Hall, Free Zone

a.3 Information Office: Amhrein Gallery, St. John and St. Paul Room

a.4 AVC: Sr. Baptista Battig Hall.

b. The College will not grant permission for the use of campus facilities when such use:

b.1 presents clear danger to persons and property

b.2 presents serious disruption of the peace so vital and necessary for the expression of academic and scholarly pursuits

b.3 constitutes commission of a crime; and

b.4 occasions actions which are in substantial opposition to the values and beliefs commonly held by the Christian tradition in both its past and present expression. 

c. The following guidelines will be followed in issuing permits to outside groups: 

c.1 Outside groups that intend to advertise, promote, or sell their products are not allowed in the campus without permission and approval of the DSA and the VP for Administrative Affairs

c.2 Outside groups that intend to hold activities contrary to existing government laws will not be allowed on campus.

d. No campus activity is allowed on Sundays and holidays. Exceptions are considered on a case-to-case basis.

e. All request for facilities for use on a Saturday afternoon or other office hours requires permission from the General Services Manager and the DSA.

f. All users of campus facilities and equipment are held responsible for the use, upkeep and cleanliness of such facilities and equipment. They should see to it that these are kept in good order during and immediately after the activities. Any individual or group found to have misused any campus facility or equipment will be held liable and penalized accordingly.

Contract Signing

The following should be observed by the organization in dealing with external parties:

a. Organizations will not be allowed to conduct any direct negotiations or make final agreement with an outside group without an approval of the DSA or written communication to the DSA from the aforementioned external party.

b. All contracts signing between organizations and external parties are to be conducted at the office of the DSA. 

Fund Raising Activities

a. All fund-raising activities of student organizations and classes need the approval of the DSA.

b. All the needed SAO Forms, such as SAO Form 3, 4, 8 and 9 must be filed seven (7) days before and after the activity.

c. A five 5% flat rate to the SAO is paid by the sponsoring student organizations based on the activity’s net income.

d. The sponsoring class and/or student organization is in charge of maintaining the cleanliness and order before, during, and after the activity.

e. A minimum fee for the use of SSC facilities (e.g. St. Cecilia’s Hall, St. Ehrentrudis Hall, Maryville, AVC, etc.) is to be paid to the Business Office.

f. Other forms related to the following concerns are filed with the SAO such as:

f.1 Job Order (for the services of the maintenance personnel) – B032

f.2 Overtime request for the maintenance personnel – B044

f.3 Request for the audio-visual equipments – AVC 40

f.4 Approval of posters related to the activity

f.5 Reservation forms for the venue of the activity (such as the Gym, St. Cecilia’s Hall, Sr. Ehrentrudis Hall, etc.) – B037

f.6     Gate pass for guest and visitors – B031

g. All SSC fund-raising activities need a beneficiary. The beneficiary/ies is/are adopted communities and projects of Social Action Center (SAC), or projects and programs of the St. Scholastica’s Research and Development Foundation (SSRDF) such as the scholarship program.  The minimum percentage requirement is 60% of the fund raising net income.  The remaining 40% of the net income can go to the organization funds.

h. The sale of tickets, solicitation of funds or sale of merchandise from off-campus business firms require the special permission of the Dean of Student Affairs as well as a permit from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).  Not more than three weeks after the activity, three (3) copies of the financial statement (with uncollected and unsold tickets) and letter of acknowledgement from the beneficiary shall be submitted to the DSA.

As a general rule, all fund-raising activities should be managed by the students themselves.

Posting and Announcements

a. All posting on campus require the approval stamp of SAO.

b. The standard duration for all postings is two (2) weeks before the activity. The sponsoring organization is responsible for the removal of postings two (2) days after the activity.

c. Postings must be placed only on prescribed areas and bulletin boards on campus. Painted walls, posts, windows and doors, may not be used for postings. Posting in said areas will be removed and the organization involved will forfeit the privilege of further postings.

d. Announcements must be written on the properly labeled board. 


a. All requisitions for cash, purchase, job orders must be accomplished in quintuplicate (B0-30) and must bear the signature of approval of the respective Deans or organization treasurer and president.

b. All requisitions shall be given a week prior to the date on which the organization expects to obtain their checks.  Due to the constraints involved in processing, rush checks or cash requisitions offer no guarantee for immediate acquisition.

c. Checks and cash are issued by the College directly to the name of the student organization.

d. Requisition forms may be obtained from the purchasing Office or at the SAO. 

Financial Reports

It is the responsibility of every organization to check its financial status. The Treasurer shall furnish the Dean of Student Affairs and the Student Organization Chairperson with a copy of the organization’s financial report at the end of each semester, verified and signed by the organization president and noted by the faculty moderator or organization moderator.