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Policies Regarding Payment of Fees & Penalties

 1. Upon registration, a student pays for tuition and other fees for the semester, either in full (cash, credit card, check, or BDO Bills Payment) or on instalment basis (cash, check, or credit card plus post-dated checks with a fully accomplished PDC Warranty Form).

2. Students with a load of not more than 12 units for the semester are required to pay in full upon enrolment.

3. A surcharge of Php 500.00 shall be collected from students who enrol beyond the specified official enrolment period.

4. When a student registers, it is understood that s/he is enrolling for the entire semester. 

5. Withdrawal of enrolment is subject to penalty:

BEFORE the opening of classes


Within the FIRST week of classes

10% of total school fees

Within the SECOND week of classes

20% of total school fees

AFTER the second week of classes

100% of total school fees

6. Report cards, official, and unofficial transcripts of records will not be released to students with back accounts or outstanding balance.