2560 Leon Guinto Street

Singalong, Malate, Manila




Policies & Guidelines

Access of Materials / Documents in the Archives Office

• Access of the unrestricted materials in the Archives is on equal terms to all researchers who abide by the rules and regulation of the Archives Office

• Access of the restricted materials in the Archives needs permission from the office of origin or by the donor of personal records. Permission should be made in writing and be signed by the office granting access or by the donor.

General Policies and Guidelines

• Student-researchers are allowed to use the theses and dissertations in the Archives by filling-out Researcher’s Request Slip (Archives Form # 1).

• Outside/visiting researchers are required to present a Referral Letter & to pay a fee of Php 100.00.

• Only pencil and notepapers are allowed to be used in the Research Area.

• Bags and other belongings are to be deposited in the Bags Area.

• Only the Archives Head or the assigned Staff is allowed to take out and to return the borrowed materials to the STORAGE AREA.

• Smoking, eating, drinking, and using of audio equipment including cellular phones are strictly prohibited.

• SILENCE is strictly to be observed while inside the Archives.

• It is the researcher’s responsibility to obtain copyright clearance to publish, reproduce, and/or distribute copies of the archival materials.

• Archival materials are for ROOM USE ONLY.

• Taking pictures of the archival materials borrowed using digital cameras and the like is NOT allowed.