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Policies & Guidelines

ComLab 1The College Computer Services Center (CCSC) is in-charge of the supervision of the Computer Laboratories of the College Unit and serves as the venue to enhance IT teaching and learning processes.

In order to continue to provide quality service and maintenance of these laboratories, the following rules, policies and guidelines are set out for everybody to observe:

Computer Laboratory Guidelines

• No Teacher, No Entry beyond class time and without faculty endorsement

• Use of computer laboratory beyond official time with or without faculty supervision

     – Reservation forms signed by the faculty concerned should be submitted to the CCSC for approval

     – A faculty can request for more than 2 hours of use on a case to case basis and is held accountable
     for all the computer units and peripherals inside the laboratory

• Students are requested to maintain cleanliness  and orderliness of the laboratory rooms at all times

• Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited

• CCSC is not liable for lost belongings

• Use of cellular phones during computer classes is not allowed

• Damage, defect, loss or vandalism of the computer units should be reported immediately

• Damage or loss due to vandalism or improper use shall be charged to the student and, as the case may be, to the professor responsible for the negligence.

• Students are required to save their files in the server because each class has its own “folder”.

• Flash Drives / CDs not intended for laboratory use are strictly prohibited especially those that contain games and pornographic materials.

• The following are unethical actions prohibited inside the Computer Laboratory:

      Playing computer games, surfing streaming videos and audios without the teacher’s permission

     – Use of teacher’s unit and all the devices connected to it (multimedia projector, speakers) without permission

     – Using the messengers and/or the instant messenger through PCs

     – Changing the wallpaper and/or the screen saver of any computer unit

     – Any case which will prompt the user to enter a password

      Writing any obscene language using the screen saver of any computer

     – Installing programs and/or software without informing the Computer Center

     – Tampering of computer identification number

      Swapping or disconnecting of monitors, keyboards, mouse and network cables

      Vandalism of any form