2560 Leon Guinto Street

Singalong, Malate, Manila






College Lib 15The College Library’s Resources and Services are extended to:

• SSC College Students, administrators, faculty members and registered cross enrollees

• Students from participating schools in the South Manila Educational Consortium (SMEC)), the Consortium of Women’s Colleges (CWC), and the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), the Consortium of Benedictine Colleges in Metro Manila (CBCM)

• Visiting researchers, after registering at the Reference counter and payment of a research fee of P100.00.


• Valid SSC I.D.

• SSC alumni card or I.D (to be registered at the Reference section).

• Non-SSC users with referral letters from their respective librarian.


• The library practices the open-shelf system, so it is necessary to inspect bags, folders, books, etc., at the entrance and exit areas.

• To maintain order and efficiency, library users are required to fall in line while waiting for their turn at the entrance/exit doors, copying machines, and at the circulation counters.

• The library is a place for study and research. Each library user has a responsibility to maintain a conducive atmosphere for learning.

• Cellular phones may be brought into the reading rooms but these should be put on silent mode. However, conversations over cellular phones are not allowed inside the library. Library users should step out of the library if they need to do this. 

• To prevent damage to the collection, eating in the library is not allowed. There are areas outside the library that are designated as eating areas.

Library users should not re-shelve books and periodicals after using them. These should be on the table, carrels, or book trucks designated for this purpose