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Other Guidelines

IMG_97691. Together with the Club Core, the moderator sets agenda for weekly meetings. S/He is expected to supervise all meetings and activities of the club.

2. The club is expected to submit the following:

a. club program for the school year

b. club constitution and by-laws (need not be submitted on an annual basis; only amendments if any and already ratified by the club need to be submitted)

c. monthly agenda and minutes of regular club meetings

d. written proposal observing proper format for all major activities

e. written evaluation reports on every major activity of the club

f. quarter and year-end general evaluation of the club (extent to which club objectives were realized, area of concern, commendations and recommendations)

3. Performances presented to parents or other guests shall be held after class hours or at a designated time in non-class days.

4. The use of school facilities for activities shall be subject to the approval of the school authorities concerned.

5. For fundraising activity, the club must give at least 50% of the net income to a beneficiary (preferably the Tanggapan ng Kalinga of the High School).