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Multimedia Projector Reservation

Cybernook 1• Reservation should be at least a day before the actual date of use

• First-come, first-served basis
and upon availability

• Reservation should be on a monthly basis only or as needed. No verbal request will be entertained.

• The “Request for Services” form should be properly accomplished and signed by the requesting faculty or students (with the approval of the professor) and should be returned to the Center. In the absence of the professor, the Department Chair or Coordinator can sign the request.

• If there are any changes in the time or venue of the set-up, faculty should inform the College Computer Services Center (CCSC) staff at least a day before the actual date of use to facilitate the request. Transferring the equipment(s) to another location without notifying CCSC or ICTO is not allowed.

• Only the faculty or student who made the reservation can cancel it.

• Requests beyond usual services (i.e. computer program or application installation, specific hardware or software needs and the like) should be requested, at least a week before the actual date of use, to Mr. Andrew Ambubuyog, Information and Communications Technology Manager.  The College Computer Services Center should be provided a copy of the request.

• Set-up and pull-out of presentation equipment (multimedia projector and computer) should be done only by the ICTO personnel.