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Medical Procedures


1. Fill out medical and dental forms (except with existing medical records)

2. Present form to the nurses for preliminary check-up

     a. Height and weight measurement, past history, age, telephone number.

     b. Visual Acuity Test

     c. Blood pressure and temperature

3. Present to the doctor on duty for the check-up and diagnosis.

4. Return to the nurse for filing and direction.

Daily Consultation

1. Patient entering the clinic must sign the logbook.

     a. Full name

     b. Complaint

     c. Time-in

(Grade school students availing clinic service must present the index card provided by their teacher indicating their time-out from class and complaint).

2. Patient to see the nurse on duty.

3. Nurse to retrieve medical record.

4. Nurse to conduct preliminary examination (BP, Temperature, Heart Rate, and Respiratory Rate).

5. Nurse to refer patient to the doctor on duty.

6. Doctor on duty to examine patient to establish diagnosis; issue prescription and / or referral to specialist if needed; request laboratory examinations if necessary.

7. Doctor to write on medical record the findings, prescriptions, and recommendations.

8. Doctor to send the patient to the nurse for disposition.

9. Nurse to issue complimentary medicine if available.

Patients for Temporary Observation

1. Patients for observation in the clinic are required to stay in the infirmary.

2. The nurse will monitor the development and will update the doctor on duty about the progress.

3. The doctor will evaluate the situation and will issue disposition.

4. No overnight confinement in the clinic is permitted.

5. Nurse to fill up records of the patient

     a. For Grade School Students – form no. 2

     b. For High School Students – form no. 5

6. Nurse to notify parents and advisers.

7. Nurse to require patient to time-out.

8. Nurse to fill out the medical record.

Cases for Temporary Observation

Students with the following conditions are OBSERVED IN THE INFIRMARY for further monitoring and evaluation prior to the final recommendation.

• Nausea and vomiting

• Fever

• Vertigo

• Dysmenorrhea

• Migraine and Tension Headaches

• Asthma

• Allergies

• LBM with frequency of less than 3 episode per hour

• Hypertension

• Any other condition not mentioned above but needs monitoring