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Libraries & AVC

The College & Graduate School Library

The Main College Library (print and non-print), which supports the school’s thrust and the various departments’ curricular offerings, comprises the Reference and Periodicals Section at the second floor of the Sta. Maria Wing and the General Circulation Section at the Annex A of the St. Mechtild Wing. It houses collections of foreign and local books; periodicals in print, microfilm, and electronic formats; and ephemeral materials like newspaper clippings, brochures, annual reports, pamphlets, announcements, posters, speeches pamphlets and maps. It provides students and professors access to the special collection of musical scores, CDs of the Music Library and to the audio-visual materials of the Audio-Visual Center (AVC) of SSC.

The library’s services include reference or information assistance, instruction in the use of both print and electronic library resources in locating information, preparation of bibliographies on special topics upon request by faculty members, and assistance to faculty members and administrators in identifying and locating current materials in their areas of specialization.

The book database can be accessed through the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). Indices to scholarly journals and periodicals are in CD-ROM.

Library Resources

Computer Room – It houses computers which the administrators, faculty members, students, and staff of St. Scholastica’s College could use to access the Internet, virtual CDs, article databases, and electronic journals databases. It maintains two (2) printers to service the computers. A member of the library staff is assigned to provide user’s assistance on computer services. 

Discussion Room – It is a venue for students to discuss group research projects. A group is allowed to use the room for one hour only; but this could be extended if no other group is scheduled to use it. A reservation with the library clerk is required prior to using the discussion room.

General Collection Section – It contains a collection of books which may be checked out from the library. It excludes books in the Special Collection section. 

Graduate Library – It is for the exclusive use of students in the SSC Graduate Program. Students are allowed to check out weekly a maximum of five books only, as long as there are no requests for these books from other students. Undergraduate students may use this library only upon request of their professor and with the permission of the College Librarian. However, they may check out one book only. 

Map Collection Section – It contains a collection of local and foreign maps which could be borrowed by faculty members for classroom use upon informing the Reference Librarian.

Periodical Section – It contains newspapers, magazines and professional journals in print, microform, and electronic formats. Current issues of selected periodicals are arranged alphabetically by titles. Back issues of local newspapers are available on microfilm, CD, and DVD format, while some selected journals are available on microfiche. Microreader and printers are available in this section. The section also subscribes to electronic journals database which contains the citation, abstract, and full text of the articles in over 3,000 selected foreign journals. 

To help users identify and locate the articles they need, the section has the following indices to newspaper, magazine and journal articles in print and CD format: 1) the SMI-IC Article Database which indexes the periodical collections of the five participating libraries of the South Manila Inter-institutional Consortium; 2) the Computerized Index to Philippine Periodicals (CIPPA); and 3) the Index to Philippine Periodicals (IPP). 

Reference Section – It contains a collection of reference books such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, almanacs, bibliographies, yearbooks, atlases, and maps. The reference books are for room use only. 

Special Collections

Filipiniana Collection Section – It contains collection of books about the Philippines and its people, written and/ or published by Filipinos. Filipiniana books for reference only are kept in the Reference Section at the Sta. Maria Wing. Filipiniana periodicals can be found at the Periodicals Section.

Women’s Studies Collection Section – It contains a special collection of books that support the Women’s Studies Program of St. Scholastica’s College. The Program is a basic component of the General Education of the College and is a requirement for graduation.

St. Benedict Collection Section – It contains a collection of works in honor of St. Benedict, the twin brother of St. Scholastica.

Bestsellers Collection Section – It contains a collection of fiction books that once appeared on “bestsellers” lists.

Theses Collection-Section – It contains theses of undergraduate and graduate students and some faculty members during the past five years. Copies of theses older than five years are kept at the SSC Archives.

Reserve Books Section – It contains books selected by faculty members who assigned them for reading by their students. The books are shelved in a special section in the Circulation Counter until the end of a semester.

Vertical File Collection Section – It contains a collection of newspaper clippings, pamphlets, brochures, annual reports, bulletins, and pictures which are grouped by subjects and arranged alphabetically in the Reference Section. The collection contains, in general, current information not yet available in published books.

The Music Library

It houses, among other things, a wide collection of scores, books, tapes, piano records, and video tapes. It also serves as a resource center for piano pedagogy. It is located at the ground floor of the School of Music.

Audio-Visual/ Multi-Media Center

It provides technical support to the instructional and research programs of SSC faculty and students. The AVC houses the hardware and software sections that provide audio-visual materials and equipment.