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Leave of Absence & Re-Admission

A student who does not intend to enroll in a specific semester should submit to the Registrar and Grants Office an LOA that is duly approved by the Dean/Director. A maximum of two LOAs, which should not exceed one academic year, may be granted. A student who gets pregnant during the school year must file an LOA, then applies for re-admission after giving birth. A student who is officially on LOA is not allowed to enroll in any degree program in another school.

A student may petition not to enroll for a specific semester(s) by filing for a leave of absence approved by the School Dean / Director and Registrar subject to the following school policies:

1. A student who is officially on LOA is not allowed to enroll in any other degree program in any school of HRI.

2. A student may be granted a maximum of only two (2) LOAs and not exceeding one academic year.

3. Filing of LOA shall be done only during the prescribed period set by the Registrar’s Office generally at least two (2) weeks before registration period. 

4. Upon the return of the student from LOA, the student retains her academic standing and status as of the last semester she was enrolled.

5. Should there be any pending disciplinary action against the student at the time of filing of the LOA, such action is “reactivated” upon her return. 


A student who is intending to return is classified as a returnee. S/he is subject to the re-admission policies and procedures of the school. Re-admission in College becomes final upon the approval of the School Dean / Institute Director, and provided that the application form is received by the Registrar before the star of regular classes.