2560 Leon Guinto Street

Singalong, Malate, Manila




Latest Additions & Building Details

As you walk back to the front gate, you notice a latest addition, a yet unnamed admissions building beside the chapel and close to the main gate where you first began. It bears a resemblance to St. Scholastica, the first to be built in 1914.

Outside the college compound, on P. Ocampo and Leon Guinto Streets is a lovely residence built in the 1930s with a sprawling garden and a swimming pool. It was home to the clan of Justice Jose Feria until it was acquired by SSC in the 1980s. It opened in 1986 as Subiaco. Formerly the SSC Seminar Retreat House and Dormitory, today it is the St. Scholastica’s College Archives-Museum, which was inaugurated on September 14, 2006. Subiaco is the monastery where St. Benedict lived as a hermit.

In 1990, the former residence of Aguinaldo and Alicia Lucero Gamboa on Estrada Street was transformed into a three-storey building to become Nursia, the office and dorm facilities of the Institute of Women’s Studies. Nursia, Italy is the birthplace of Saints Benedict and Scholastica.

The covered pergola through which pedestrians enter the campus and where students wait for their rides home has undergone major renovation. It is now bigger, brighter and more welcoming. Another pleasant addition is a garden with park benches in front of the St. Scholastica building.

One exits the campus marveling at how much it has transformed and influenced the life choices of generations of Filipino women. So St. Scholastica’s College lives on, not only as a complex of beautiful structures, but as a haven in the mind and heart of every student who has walked through its arches and corridors.