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Knowledge and Levels

3. Knowledge and Levels

These areas interest us most. We are rooted with Marzano’s “New Taxonomy.” Our interest lies not in competition with The Studio and The Art/Design Mentor but rather with Marzano’s identification of domains of knowledge and its levels of processing. For here, the psychomotor skills crucial to art production is leveled with other domains of information and mental process. It shifts the traditional perception of psychomotor skills as merely manual to a unity with the other domains. Being so, this skill, artistic psychomotor skills for studio arts-based learning is not merely learning to master medium and manipulate thereafter. It is knowledge itself! The Studio, therefore, is the locale where knowledge is identified with The Art/Design Mentor locating and by coaching artist-learners to climb up the level ladders for processing. All together, The Studio, The Art Mentor and Objectivity for Knowledge and Levels come as a harmonious unity of our three-fold variables in one learning artistic/designing strategy.


mental process

psychomotor skills

levels of processing

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Initiating Studio Arts-based Learning as learning strategy for studio courses.. With sets A & B currently applied. Set C is the new order needed to enrich the strategy.