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IRAD Committee: GS & HS Units

The Scholarly and Creative Works Committee

Is tasked to evaluate the scholarly and creative works submitted by the grade school and high school faculty using the various evaluation tools created for this purpose.

A committee composed of 5 faculty members appointed by the Grade School Unit office unit evaluates the scholarly and creative outputs submitted by the faculty from from the Grade School Unit. Likewise, a committee composed of 5 faculty members appointed by the High School Unit Office evaluates the works submitted by the faculty from the High School unit. The committee members hold a term of office for one school year. Evaluated works receive credit points for research which are used in the application for promotion of faculty. The IRAD Assistant Director chairs this committee.

Specific Functions:

1. Classification of scholarly work based on genre

2. Classifies the scholarly work as a major or minor work.

3. Evaluates research work using the appropriate evaluation tools. (Please see evaluation instruments in the appendices of IRAD  manual.)

4. Submits data to the Promotions Board. (Please refer to the Promotion Scheme of the Grade School and High School units.)