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Innovations in Teaching & Learning

Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning

The Grade School believes that student learning is maximized if the content and processes of different disciplines are integrated.  This approach depends on the ability of the teacher to design a unit or module focused on the concepts, events, themes, problems or issues which put together the content, skills and values from the different disciplines in unified whole. A unique faculty development program that makes teachers go through the same experiences as the children insures the continuous honing of this ability among the teachers. This approach allows the students and their teachers to appreciate the interconnectedness of various subjects and to understand that a concept or an idea can be seen from different perspective.

Studying in SSC’s Grade School is a rich and exciting learning experience. The dedicated and committed administrators, competent teachers, well-equipped laboratory and library facilities, innovative approaches to learning and varied student activities ensure an academic atmosphere conducive to the delivery of quality education. Through the years, the Grade School curriculum has remained relevant to the changing needs of students as well as to paradigm shifts and new trends in education. To date, the following innovations highlight the school’s commitment to academic excellence. Under the SGIIP are:

Gifted Program

St. Scholastica’s College’s Grade School pioneered gifted education in the country way back in the 1980’s. With the Small Group Prescribed Instruction with Individual Pacing (SGIIP) gifted and talented children are given legitimate venues for expressing their own unique gifts and talents through projects and programs that are task-oriented, and address both group and individual needs.


Drama and Theater in Education (DTIE)

The drama and theater-in-education (DTIE) was an innovation introduced in the late ‘80s to serve as a tool for classroom learning.  DTIE uses an interdisciplinary approach to learning Literature, Social Studies, leadership, human relations management and a sense of community through theater. A yearly theater season and a “staple” repertory of grade level productions give students memorable hands-on experiences in production work and yearly opportunities to showcase their talents in performance.


Computer Program

In support of the thrust towards excellence and relevance, the Computer Program has been designed to assist students in becoming computer literate and equipped with the skills in software application.  Lectures and hands-on activities are provided to enhance children’s skills and to enrich learning beyond textbooks and lectures.