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Identification & Movement Control


• Upon enrollment and payment of the corresponding fees, the student shall be issued a student ID card bearing his/her picture and complete name, and the signature of the respective Unit Head or Office Head.

• The ID card shall be honored for a year upon issue, subject to validation at the Unit/Office Head every year.

• Lost or mutilated IDs shall be replaced upon student’s presentation of an affidavit of loss duly subscribed before a notary public.

• Once a Grade/High School student enters the campus, they shall no longer be allowed to go out except at the end of school hours. Only on occasions when a pass is issued by the Coordinator of Student Services concerned shall the student be allowed to go out of the campus before the end of the school hours.

• No student shall be allowed to stay inside the campus after school hours unless s/he is participating in an official after school activity. If confronted, the student must be able to present proof that s/he is indeed participating in such an activity and shall leave the campus as soon as it is over.

• No student shall be allowed entry into the campus on non-school days unless s/he presents written authority from the school official concerned (in case of meetings, games, cultural activities, etc). In this case, s/he will be treated as an ordinary visitor and shall be subject to the rules and regulations.

School Officials, Employees, Faculty Members

• All administrators, faculty, office and general services personnel shall be issued their respective identification cards upon employment with the school.

• The holder, at all times while inside the campus, shall wear the ID card. Administrators shall make themselves a model by wearing the ID cards.

• The ID card is a property of the school and should be surrendered to the HRD Office when the holder’s employment with the school is terminated.


• Visitors will be received initially by the Control Guard at the Control Booth.  The Control Security will:

• Check if the visitor is listed in the expected Visitors’ List by any unit/office with proper identification in the Visitor’ Entry Pass. When identified, immediate entry will be allowed.

• Unexpected Visitors – Inquire whom the visitor wants to see and the purpose of the visit. Call the person to be visited or his/her secretary and advise him/her accordingly. If the visitor will be received, the guard will:

     – Request the visitor to register in the Registry Book.

     – Request the visitor to leave with him any kind of identification paper 
       (Ex. driver’s license, company/school ID with picture)

     – Issue a visitor’s ID and gives the visitor directions.

     – Remind the visitor to wear the ID and advise him/her to use the same gate 

       when leaving the school.

     – Upon leaving the campus, the visitor shall return the Visitor’s ID to the 
       Control Security that will return to him/her the identification card s/he deposited.

• Visitors accompanied by a student will be processed in the same manner as an unaccompanied visitor and will be issued the corresponding Visitor’s Pass.

• No vendor, seller, agent, marketing representatives and the like will be allowed to enter the campus unless they are authorized by the Unit/Office Heads. If they are so authorized, they may roam around the campus only when accompanied by an authorized representative.  They will be issued a Visitor’s Pass.

•Car drivers, Private Nurses, Bus Mothers and the like escorting and/or fetching students to and from the campus shall be issued a car pass and ID cards from the Security Office to enable them to enter the campus. They shall be allowed access only to designated reception areas. They are also required to be in the proper dress code while inside the school compound.

• Student activities, sports competitions, make-up classes and other gatherings shall be allowed only with the written approval of the following offices:

     – Unit/Office Heads

     – Student Affairs / Activities Office
     – Institutional Sports Office

• A list of participants in the aforementioned activities must be attached to the written authorization coming from the respective offices in order that the guards at the Entry Point shall be guided accordingly. Persons not included in the list will be allowed entry only upon presentation of a written guarantee by the Head of organization conducting the activities and shall be issued a Visitor’s Pass.

• Entry of School Personnel into the school campus during non-working days shall be recorded in the logbook including the purpose and time of such visit for reference.


• Motorist coming into the campus shall strictly observe the rules and regulations on speed limits, traffic and driving procedures and road courtesy.

• The issued car pass/sticker is non-transferable. This car pass/sticker will be confiscated if the owner/driver is found violating this rule.

• The management has no responsibility or accountability for any loss or damage of any accessories or personal belongings inside the vehicles while it is parked inside the school campus.

• Car Pass/Sticker (Drop and Pick)  will be issued to all parents with cars/vehicles upon approval of a valid application form supported by a photocopy of the following documents:

     – Certificate of Registration
     – Official Receipt
     – Driver’s License

• The car pass/sticker must be visibly posted at the front windshield of the car on the passenger side.

• Car-riding visitors shall park their vehicles in the designated parking space for visitors.

• Delivery vehicles will be allowed entry into the campus only after presentation of the corresponding delivery receipt. The Check point guard will inform the Control Security regarding delivery and in turn calls the Purchasing Office to confirm that delivery is expected. Control Security will inform the Checkpoint Guard and the delivery vehicle will be directed to a designated delivery area. The Checkpoint Guard will advise the Basement Guard to handle the monitoring and counting of deliveries.

• The SSC Management reserves the right to request the vehicle owners or drivers to open the compartment of the vehicle for security inspections anytime.

• Smoking/Drinking or Gambling inside parked vehicles inside the campus is strictly prohibited.