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School of Hotel, Leisure and Restaurant Management 

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The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management Programs offer professional education and training in the fields of hospitality management and tourism that are supported by the social ventures and industry-based exposures. It produces graduates who are workplace-ready in the corporate, educational and entrepreneurial fields of lodging and food-service sectors. The Program trains students in conceptualizing, planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating actual catering events and contracted functions supported by the use of available technology. It provides students with the competencies needed to develop simulated training modules to ensure profitable bar and beverage operations, food and beverage merchandising techniques, dining room procedures, front office, and housekeeping operations. It also introduces students to the culture of Tourism Industry. It requires students towards the end of the program to go through the actual process of preparing and orally presenting industry-based research papers as a synthesis of their learned written and oral communication skills and a reflection of their critical thinking skills.

img_ihoteleires 02MISSION

The SHLRM provides young women with the necessary knowledge, values, attitudes, and skills needed for a fulfilling career in the hospitality and tourism industries. This commitment is concretized with academically competent and industry exposed faculty members, equally dedicated to excellence and pedagogy that is anchored on the industry immersion.


We envision confident and competent graduates imbued with passion for excellence and Christian and Benedictine values ready to take an active role in the hospitality and tourism industries.


1.  Develop programs to equip the students with essential knowledge and skills to be job-ready in the hospitality and tourism industries.

2.  Provide a mechanism to actively contribute to the efforts of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the hospitality and tourism industries to reach out to the marginalized sectors of society.

3.  Instill the values of social responsibility, the pursuit of justice, respect for human dignity and love for work with the end goal of making a difference.

img_ihoteleires 05OBJECTIVES

1.  To provide a common body of knowledge in hospitality management coupled with a broad education and awareness of skills and attitudes which will prepare students for responsible leadership roles in the hospitality industry.

2.  To develop employability skills required of hospitality and tourism management the use of a competency-based program.

3.  To provide students with relevant hands-on operational experience in some facet of the hospitality industry.

4.  To create and deliver programs that enhance the quality and contribution of hospitality and tourism to sustainable social, economic, cultural development and environmental conservation.

5.  To be a beacon of Benedictine values by maintaining a fair and creative work environment that promotes and respects academic freedom and freedom of expression, humility and hard work, and diversity in all forms.


SHLRM is committed to provide QUALITY, EFFICIENT, AND EFFECTIVE SERVICE to the College stakeholders through a dynamic and excellent management system imbued with Benedictine values and professionalism.


Excellence, Quality, Relevance


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