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Hymn to St. Scholastica

Hymn to St. Scholastica
Words by: Sr. Mary John Mananzan, OSB / Sr. Mary Emmanuel de los Reyes, OSB
Music by: Sr. Mary Placid Abejo, OSB


I.  0 loved by God 0 purest dove who soared to blissful heights above;  
     Look down on us today who sing your glorious praises to the king.

Refrain: 0 pure and blest Scholastica,
0 pray to the Father above
that we may learn to walk in truth, 
And ever seek the ways of love.

II.  From earthly joys you turned away 
     to tread your holy brother sway 
     And happiness without alloy 
     you found in serving God with joy!


III.  You learned to know love’s mighty sway 
     When Benedict declined to stay
     To talk of heaven through the night 
     Your spouse refused not this delight.


IV.  And when life’s winter passed away 
     above the clouds you winged your way 
     and there with all the saints you sing 
     The joy of love’s eternal spring.


V.  All praise, honor, glory be to You 
     Most bless ‘d Holy Trinity
     Your love unbounded did impart 
     to Scholastica’s enraptured heart.