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Hymn to St. Benedict

Hymn to St. Benedict
By: Benildus M. Maramba, OSB


I.  O blessed by God, Saint Benedict, 
     Let sadness not our hearts afflict. 
     As we our praise and tribute bring 
     Thy saintly life and glories sing.

Refrain: St. Benedictine to Thee we turn. 
The secrets of God’s grace to learn 
Oh, guide us by Thy wise decrees 
that God alone we seek to please.

II.  God taught Thee to reject the wiles 
     of sinful words which men beguile 
     Then like a star that glitters bright 
     God made of Thee a holy light.


III.  In wondrous ray of God’s own light 
     The world appeared before thy sight 
     Then Thou the emptiness did see
     of earthly things that what e’er they be.


IV.  Praise honor glory be to Thee. 
     Most blessed, holy Trinity 
     Thy love unbounded did impart 
     to Benedict’s enraptured heart.