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The Period Between 1966-1971

The year 1966 – 1967 stressed the need for a more detailed and emphatic orientation of the students with regard to the functions of the guidance department, for a series of meetings with parents, and for conferences with teachers.  Because of the mounting disciplinary problems, there was need to define the role of the teacher in the program.  Recommendations were also made to appoint a consulting psychologist in the absence of the Guidance Director, who up to then had also been functioning as a psychologist. 

At this time too, superfluous tests were eliminated from the testing program.  Local norms were established to make results more relevant to the school population.

Since it was felt that a closer cooperation between the faculty and the department would bring about a more scientific approach to the understanding of the child, a better appreciation of the role of guidance, and a proper evaluation of disciplinary methods, an ins-service guidance seminar for high school and grade school teachers was held in December, 1967.  The following topics were discussed by authorities in the respective fields:  Understanding Children and Adolescents, The Teacher and Discipline, Group Dynamics and Techniques, Basic Counseling Skills for Teachers, Teacher — Vital in Guidance and Teaching for Creativity.

The counseling services became more extensive during the school year 1967 – 1968.  Interviews were held routinely with all the students and a number of extended relationships were maintained.  Due to a realization that the many problems that beset the students were developmental in nature, group guidance techniques were used to a wider extent than in the previous years.     

Vocational counseling had become more systematic over the years.  Career talks were held and college orientation programs were provided for.

The cumulative files were streamlined for purposes of efficiency to promote their use.  New catalogues were made available for students. 

The school year 1968 – 1969 was auspicious for parent-conferences.  Parent’ reactions toward conferences were positive and their reactions to the school’s policies were good.

The Guidance Department has since then evolved to become a model to many schools because of its comprehensive guidance programs and facilities.  It operates under a centralized set-up wherein the Grade School, High School and College Counselors, together with the psychometricians and the staff, belong to one office headed by a Guidance Director.

Through the years, the Guidance Office has continually played a vital and active role in the development of both the students and the whole Scholastican community.