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High School Outreach

Tanggapan ng Kalinga

The High School Outreach or Tanggapan ng Kalinga (TK) is the social arm of the unit that coordinates all socially-oriented projects and activities to the identified adopted communities of the institution. Its activities are geared towards promoting a just, equitable, and humane society, in accordance with the vision-mission and goals of the institution and in keeping with the theme for the school year “Christ-centered Leaders: Renewing our Culture, Revitalizing our Community, Restoring the Integrity of Mother Earth with joy and hope”

The Outreach Program aims to encourage the participation of the high school community (students, parents, teachers, staff, personnel and alumnae) in social development work and collaborate with community-based organizations and institutions in their efforts to promote a just, loving, equitable, and humane society. It has three major components – volunteer formation, education and advocacy and special activities.

Under the Volunteer Formation program, the community is provided with opportunities to build a more systematic consciousness for a social development work among the members of the community through exposure trips and interaction with the different sectors of society especially the adopted communities of the unit, training seminars and workshops for the Tanggapan ng Kalinga (TK) Student Core and community volunteers, orientations and immersions.

Education and Advocacy Program seeks to encourage members of the high school community to take positive action towards pressing issues facing our society today. The unit regularly conducts its Supplementary Education Program (SEP) to the four barangays of Santissima Trinidad Parish every Friday and Saturday. Students enrolled under this program are assisted through tutorial lessons, liturgical services and other educational activities. Aside from SEP, high school students are also given a chance to be part of a focused – group discussion known as Kulandungan done quarterly. In addition, a member of the TK core is tasked to write an article regarding the activities of the office and is then published under Kalatas section in the unit’s newspaper – Blue Flame.

The Special Activities is an extension of the program which answers to the needs of the school and larger communities. These activities are medical missions, relief operations, tree planting, fund-raising activities, and gift-giving among others.

To fully attain the goals and objectives of the office, the activities for this year is designed to intensify the sense of volunteerism among the members of the high school community.