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High School


The High School Units: JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL (GRADES 7-10) and SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (GRADES 11 and 12) admit students whose academic records indicate ability and preparation to do High School work and whose personal traits give promise that they will be contributing members of the Scholastican Community.

Admission is based on requirements presented, results of examination given by SSC and personal interview with the principal or one designated by her.

The school reserves the right to make the final decision in all cases after thorough study and deliberation.

Admissions Office

Phone: (632) 567-7686 loc, 8168
E-mail: sscadmit@ssc.edu.ph

Admission Procedure and Requirements

1.  Secure Application Permit from the Admissions Office.  Pay the non-refundable and non-transferable Application and Testing Fee of Php 500.00 to the Business Office.

2.  Present receipt and secure the Application Kit (Application Form, (3) Recommendation and Student Health Record Forms) from the Admissions Office.  An additional Track and  Interview Form for incoming SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (Grades 11 and 12) will also be given.

3.  Submit the following requirements:


   b.  National Statistics Office (NSO) Birth Certificate (original and recent)

   c.  Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate (original copy has to be presented)

   d.  Certificate of Enrollment

   e.  Certified True Copy of the following Report Card: 

          •  Previous Grade Level and

          •  Current Grade Level – latest grading period

   f.  Three (3) Recommendation Forms (use SSC Forms) – Principal, Adviser and  Guidance Counselor (enclosed in sealed envelopes with signature across the flap)

          • High School Recommendation Form for Grades 7-12 Applicants from Principal

          • High School Recommendation Form for Grades 7-12 Applicants from Adviser

          • High School Recommendation Form for Grades 7-12 Applicants from Guidance Counselor

          • Track and Interview Form  for Senior High School

   g.  Student Health Record Form

   h.  One (1) piece 2×2 recent ID picture for Test Permit (identical with that in the application form)

Note: Once the Admissions Office accepts these requirements, these will no longer be returned to the applicant.

4.  Secure Exam Permit.

5.  Take the entrance exam on scheduled date.

6.  Come for interview with High School Principal or Coordinator for Academic Affairs.


Additional Requirements for Foreign Students and Applicants with Dual Citizenship

Submit CLEAR PHOTOCOPY of the following (bring original for verification purposes):

1.  Passport, particularly the bio-page and stamps of latest departure and arrival in the country.

2.  Documents for the issuance of Special study Permit (SSP).

3.  Transcript of Records (authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post from the country of origin).

4.  Report Cards with English translation and description of subjects taken.

5.  Certificate from the Department of Education for an applicant to qualify for applied level.

6.  Certificate of Recognition as a Filipino if with DUAL CITIZENSHIP

Status of Admissions

Results of the application are released THREE (3) days after date of exam/interview.

Please inquire personally from the Admissions Office.  A letter informing applicant of her status will be given to you.  If you cannot come personally, please send a representative or messenger with a letter of authorization to claim result.

Come on the scheduled date of release since some applicants may still be recommended for a RE-TEST or RE-INTERVIEW.  Moreover, there are further instructions and deadlines to comply with for those who successfully passed our admission requirements.


Enrollment is usually scheduled in May. The applicant must have submitted ORIGINAL Report Card prior to enrollment.