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Aids in the use of collection

The Card Catalogue
HS Library 24

The Periodical Indexes
HS Library 41

The basic information link to all materials available in the Junior High School Library is the Card Catalogue. There are two kinds of library catalogues – the traditional card catalogue listed on a 3×5 card and the online public access catalogue (OPAC), an electronic listing.  Both catalogues list books by author, title and subject

A Periodical Index in traditional format is located in the Periodicals Section while a computerized index to Philippine Periodicals is located at the Online Public Access (OPAC). These indexes help you locate specific magazine/journal articles from the 17 periodical titles being subscribed to by the Junor High School Library.

The Classification System
HS Library 16

The Call Number
HS Library 18

The Junior High School Library collection is arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system: 000-999.  The chief purpose of DDC is to provide basis for organizing materials so that they can be located quickly and easily by the clientele.

The Call Number which is composed of the classification number and the author number, identifies individual books and indicates where the book is shelved in the Junior High School Library.

How to check out materials

HS Library 22• Consult either of the catalogues and check whether the Junior High School Library has the book you are looking for.

• Note down the call number and location symbol where the book may be found.

• When the book is located, present to the librarian at the Circulation desk for proper marking.

• No student should bring out any material without the proper markings. A student is held responsible for any material checked out on her card.  A book should not be passed on from one borrower to another. Instead it has to be returned.

• Students are entitled to check out five books at a time.  Books in demand may be recalled any time.

• A delinquent borrower is not allowed to borrow books from the Junior High School Library until she settles her account.

How to return/renew checked out books

Return/Renew the checked out books only at the Circulation Desk, on or before the due date. Always present your school I.D. for scanning purposes.

How to reserve a book

Inform the Librarian of a particular checked out book you want to place on a reservation hold. Books “placed on hold/reserved” will only be held for three days from the day you placed the reservation hold.

Overdue books/materials

Checked out materials not returned on the due date incurs a fine of PhP1.00 a day. Sundays and holidays are not included in the fine and Php10.00/day for Reference materials

Lost and damaged books

All lost/damaged books should be reported immediately to the Librarian. A replacement of recent edition must be made with an identical title or subject or another book written by the same author only after consultation with the Librarian.  An additional charge of PhP50.00 is added for the cost of cataloguing process.