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Guidance Program

Guidance-Main_06The Sr. Ligouri Life Management and Wellness Center (or the Guidance Department) anchors all its programs on the conviction that every student is a unique individual whose needs and concerns must be met with individual attention and understanding.  To assist each student in developing her abilities and capabilities, the students are encouraged to avail of the services offered: 

• Individual Inventory and Routine Interview Service – a process to get to know the needs, concerns and interest of the students as well as the collection and analysis of relevant information about them. 

• Counseling Service – the purposive interaction between student and counselor, individually or in groups where problems, concerns or difficulties are shared in confidence and where the counselor helps the student manage her/his own problems using her/his own resources.  

• Testing Service – the administration and interpretation of standardized tests, concerning ability, achievement, interest, personality, etc. 

• Information Service – the dissemination of information through seminars, talks, individual or small group discussions, regarding personal, social, emotional and career concerns; also includes handouts, brochures and other documents for additional information and Research and

• Evaluation Service – the supply of data pertaining to students’ needs, test results and other important information for planning and program development.