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As a general rule, no student should be allowed to graduate unless he or she has complied with all academic, non-academic and other requirements imposed by the institution for graduation.  This means obtaining passing grades in all subjects in the curriculum, compliance with the NSTP and SSC requirements and completion of all admissions requirements – including the Form 137 or TOR and transfer credentials  from the school of last attendance. 

Duly signed college graduation clearance implies student’s completion of all academic requirements and clearance from any financial or property responsibility with the school.

Application for Graduation

1. SSC requires college graduating students to apply for graduation because of a high number of irregular students in certain degree programs.  Since the application for graduation allows the Registrar’s office to determine which records to evaluate for graduation, it is expected that application for graduation is filed in July or not later than the start of the student’s last semester in school. This will give  the candidates the opportunity to be informed of the deficiencies before enrolling for their last term.   The application is also the basis for determining the tentative list of candidates for graduation which is generally released in January each year.

2. As a general rule, no degree should be conferred upon a student unless s/he has taken the last curriculum year of the course in the college, which is to confer the degree. (Par. 156. 1971 MRPS; Section 140, Grading/Promotion System: Tertiary Level, Education Law, MRPS 1992 Edition).

Graduation Requirements

Upon completion of all the Academic and Non-Academic requirements of their chosen programs of study, students become qualified to earn then respective degrees. The requirements for earning a degree are as follows:

 Course Requirements – Graduating students must have completed all the academic requirements pertinent to her / his degree as approved by CHED and SSC.


• Grade Requirements – Students must pass all their subjects and must have a minimum required CQPA of 2.30 and must not have more than four (4) failures at the end of the final semester of their senior year in order to earn their SSC diploma and participate in the graduation rites.

• Double-degree Requirements – Students enrolled in the double-degree programs (LIACOM, LIALIA, COMCOM) must have completed all the requirements of each programs of study to earn two (2) degrees.

• Attendance in the Senior’s Retreat (c/o Institutional Campus Ministry)




• Comprehensive Examinations – All graduating students are required to take the comprehensive examinations in the General Education (GE) / General Business Education (GBE) and the majors. Candidates in the AB, BS, and Music programs take the GE comprehensive examination. Candidates in the Business, Accountancy, and HRM programs take the GBE comprehensive examinations.

• Thesis – All graduating students are required to write a thesis and defend it orally before a panel. Instead of the thesis requirement, Music majors give a graduation recital following a faculty audition which determines their eligibility for graduation. 

Partipication in the Graduation Rites


1. Submission of duly signed graduation clearance.

5. Attendance in the Baccalaureate Mass.

2. Punctual and regular attendance in the graduation orientation, all graduation practices, and the technical dress rehearsal. 

6. Proper decorum during the Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation Mass.

3. Toga-fitting.


7.No record of disqualification from joining the graduation rites due to academic or discipline-related matters.

4. Proper graduation attire.