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Graduation Honors & Distinctions

Students who qualify to graduate with honors must meet the minimum CQPA requirement of 3.50 and the following:

1. Residence of at least three (3) years in College.

2. A minimum of 75% of the required subjects for a program or course in SSC (Section 87 of the MPRS).

3. No grade of F, FA, FW in any semester.

4. No record of W or withdrawal in any semester.

5. Grades earned by transferees within the minimum of three (3) years residence at SSC are counted in the CQPA computation.

6. Grades earned by regular students during the entire period of her/his stay in College are counted in the CQPA computation for honors, and

7. No major offense committed during the entire stay at SSC.

Latin Honors


Minimum CQPA Requirement

Summa Cum Laude


Magna Cum Laude


Cum Laude


“With Special Recognition in Written and Oral Comprehensives”

A student may graduate “With Special Recognition in Written and Oral Comprehensives” if s/he earned grades of A or A- for both the written and oral comprehensives.