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Graduate School

St. Scholastica’s College (SSC) Graduate School seeks capable and motivated students who desire a Christian education that provides solid grounding in their selected program of study and who are willing to commit themselves to pursuing it.

Admission policies of the Graduate School of SSC are set by the Admissions Office in coordination with administration.  A variety of information about each applicant is considered in order to estimate ability and motivation to do successful work at SSC.  The student’s College record, test scores, recommendations, interview and the application give evidence of academic ability and potential.  It is the combination of these factors which determines admission to the graduate program.  St. Scholastica’s College welcomes to its student body qualified applicants without reference to gender, race, creed, ethnic and national origin or handicap.

Admissions Office

Phone: (632) 567-7686 local 8168
E-mail: sscadmit@ssc.edu.ph 

General Admission Requirements

1.  Applicants must have earned a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited/reputable institution of higher learning preferably with a major in the graduate area for which the applicant is applying.  Undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPAs) or Cumulative Quality Point Averages (CQPAs) required by the respective graduate areas must be complied with prior to admission to the graduate program. 

2.  Applicants who complete their undergraduate degrees from institution other than SSC or applicants without the appropriate degree must have taken or will have to take undergraduate subjects and/or foundation subjects as prescribed in their chosen field or study.

3.  Applicants must pass the graduate school battery of tests which covers intelligence, aptitude and personality.  

4.  Non-English speaking applicant must pass the English Placement Test to enter the graduate program or provide scores of at least 500 on a TOEFL test taken within the previous two (2) years.  Students must have their official TOEFL scores sent directly to SSC’s Admissions Office prior to their registration at SSC.  In the event that an applicant has not taken the TOEFL test, enrollment in the prescribed English classes is required upon registration for the first and all subsequent terms at SSC, until such time as the proficiency in English has been judged to be sufficient.

5.  Preferably applicants must have had at least two (2) years of work experience in the course/program applied for.

General Admission Policies

An appointment will be set first with the Department Chair to assess credentials before allowed to secure Application and Testing Fee.

1.  Secure Application Permit from the Admissions Office and proceed to the Business Office for payment of the application and testing fee set by the school.

2.  Present receipt to the Admissions Office and secure an Application Form and two (2) copies of  SSC Recommendation Forms.

3.  Submit to the Admissions Office the following requirements:

   a.  Accomplished Application Form with 2×2 ID picture pasted on  the upper right hand of the form; Application Form for Graduate School

   b.  One (1) additional 2×2 ID picture

   c.  Accomplished two (2) SSC Recommendation Forms (one each from the applicant’s former School Administrators, Professor, Guidance Counselor,  and  the most recent employer or the last employer for those who have stopped working prior to program application); Recommendation Form for Graduate School

   d.  One (1) certified true copy of the applicant’s Transcript of Records (TOR);

    e.  For TRANSFEREES only:
      ♦  complete records of grades received from graduate school previously enrolled in certified by the Registrar
      ♦  transfer credentials

      ♦  certification of the previous school’s grading system from the Graduate School Dean or Registrar

    f. For FOREIGN Applicants only: Study Permit and Alien Certificate of Residence (ACR)

4.  Secure examination permit from the Admissions Office.

5.  Take the entrance examination on the scheduled date given. Latecomers will not be allowed to take the examination and instead will be rescheduled.

Grade Maintenance/Retention Requirements

St. Scholastica’s College’s Graduate School expects all its students to meet its academic requirements to stay in their selected program of study. Thus, applicants are expected to meet the following: 

1.  A minimum grade of 3.0 in all subjects or compliance with the program maintenance requirements; 

2.  Interview by a panel of faculty members for those experiencing difficulties in meeting the program’s academic requirements.  Students having academic difficulties may be retained/ delisted upon the recommendation of the panel. Students may be put on academic probation for a semester. Continued failure to comply with the academic requirements set by the Graduate School will mean automatic removal from the program; and 

3.  Students are discouraged from dropping/withdrawing a course to avoid delay in completing their program of study.


The Psychology and Guidance and Counseling Department reserves the right to decide on the retention of students manifesting attitudes and behaviors considered to be inimical to their performance as future counselors and psychologists.  Such students may be delisted /retained upon the recommendation of a panel of counselors / psychologists.


1. Completion of all academic requirements

2. Passing of the written comprehensive examination

3. Successful defense of thesis/project